Produced by Winston Hauschild

Patrick Jacobson - Vocals/Guitars
Steven Drake - Guitars/Vocals
Adam Fink - Drums
Winston Hauschild - Bass/Vocals/Piano/Percussion
Robert Watt - Guitars/Vocals/Piano/Mandolin

All songs written by Patrick Jacobson
Recorded by Erik Nielsen at Afterlife Studio in Vancouver and by Winston Hauschild at Little Island Studio on Bowen Island
Mixed by Winston Hauschild at Little Island Studio
Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering
Executive Producers - Koby Lefler and James Ingram

I acknowledge the love and support of the community of Canadian music fans through their continued passion and devotion to purchasing and listening to Canadian independent music and by requesting local music at Canada's Private Radio Broadcasters.

This record was made possible thanks to the overwhelming generosity and support of Jess LeForte, Ashley Jordan, Laura Hillier, Tim & Megan Jantz, Robert Thornton, Scott & Julie Morton, Melanie & Robin Williams, Kaitlyn Ott, Paige DeCoteau, Scott & Crystal Medlock, David Bash, Sophia Agalou, Cary Myrhe, Maggie Koeberling, Enzo Figliuzzi, Andy Renton, Barbara Ellen, Glen Wootton, Jaime Hewitt, Jenn Turner, Richard & Skye Baker, Scott Perry, Brandy Bernard, Melissa Burgher, Susan & Andy Ball, Lori Watt, Chad Bishop, Aaron Harvey, Dawn Robinson, Michael Heide, Debbie Cardiff, Joanna Portka, Carina Gysi, Piotr Kwasniewski, Jordan Jordan, Sean Forde, Claire Dalzell, Alicia Gibson, Kymm & Jeff Hunter, Melissa Baker, Laura Palmer, Amy Bourbeau, Kelly Golby, Melvin Wong, Jonathan & Jennifer Bonikowsky, Wenzel Templeton, Tamara Nile, Lindsay Tiemer, Christine Cowieson, Jeff Middleton, Jus Percy, Grant & Gail Crawford, Tyson Harrington, Kevin Gau, Brendan Mooney, Christine Fox, Richard Crooks, Russ & Kendra Neufeld, Nigel Hepburn, Adrian Buckley, Andreas Geng, Sasha Pehar, Shannon Wood, Jen Gale, Catherine McGuire, Jenny Singleton, Chris Warunki, Colleen O’Connor, Christiana Murray, Tyler Pearson, Cristin & Dawnelle Block, Lindsay Nielsen, Mandy Steward, Amy Davies, Emilio Wu, Matt Laforest, and Joel Battle. I would also like to thank all of my friends and family who have supported me, every musician I’ve ever shared a stage with, every employer who gave me time off to tour or perform, every venue that offered a stage to perform on, every promoter who took a chance on me, and every member of the press or media who helped me gain some exposure. I couldn't have done it without you.